We wish to give priority to the artwork’s cognitive potential; to recognize it as an end to itself, not merely as means to bring about economical, political or social alterations. Pladsen is a room of opportunity, a place where art can be exhibited on terms different from the art institutions thematic concerns and the interests of commercial galleries. We suggest this as a point of departure, not a particularly innovative one, but something that until this day is not very present on the Copenhagen art scene.

The exhibitions at Pladsen seek to investigate, what we think of as the aesthetic potential in works of art; that is the cognitive possibilities capable of communicating their qualities through time. Therefore we wish to state that art practices are to be understood as certain aesthetic positions, facing the world, not as an expression of their own time in terms of style and content but on account of their very own interests.
We believe that an art practice can only be genuinely experimental, when it occupies such a consistent position. Then it can bring about radical results making the qualities of each artwork accessible and operational as an aesthetic reality.

Beside these principles Pladsen does not have a certain curatorial line. There is meant to be room for experiments and discoveries, which can contribute to our own artistic development and at the same time hopefully create an interesting artistic environment in Copenhagen. We wish to define our own aesthetic positions in relation to the exhibitions to come and thereby tie our selves in with already established positions as well as some yet to come.

Copenhagen 2007
Pladsen has been initiated by students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Pladsen presents 6 – 8 short threeday shows a year.

The exhibitions will present established as well as unknown artists, besides introducing the abovementioned organizers of Pladsen.