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The Number of the Beast 

Mikkel Carl

It deceived them that dwell on the earth by the means of those wonders which it had power to do in the sight of the beast.
(The Revelation of St. John, 13:14)

Irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely and logically.
(Sol Le Witt, Sentences on Conceptual Art.)

What goes around...comes around.
(Justin Tímberlake)

The dreamworld of Czech photographer Jan Saudek was part of my adolescent desire. An involuntary longing for the past I couldn’t keep acknowledging in all future. The pictures have now become clichés in the belly of minimalism. The empty taxonomy of the subject can also be spotted among modernism’s furniture, so are there any limits left? The shadow of this very night, the religious light of devouring? At the bottom of my heart I know that in any abstract space, traces of something highly concrete can be found. And vice versa, eventually you can seek out what you love the most from a distance. Contemplation might be a cock, geometry the dive of a swallow or a black/white tomcat caught territorial pissing. Time is a doodle of duty. Cosmic violence. I’m coming home