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What can be done 

Marie Søndergaard Lolk
Honza Hoeck

Marie Søndergaard Lolk makes decisions. They end up as images while processes converge in juxtapositions of varied figures. In the meantime, the decisions break free from their idea, are transformed through action into concept and thus run directly into the world. Decision as participation or action as thought; restlessly, they attempt to trade places in a very small space.

Honza Hoeck adds up the facts that are. He has realised that they are both plentiful and impossible to hold on to, as they are exciting. As an artist he therefore attempts avoid many things. Some of them end up on his plate anyway and ultimately in front of the beholder. It has simply proven impossible to avoid everything. And yet it can be done, to point at the world, select a part of it and say; look at that!

With WHAT CAN BE DONE, Marie Søndergaard Lolk and Honza Hoeck explore what action and thought can be brought to mean when the fundamental idea of figure as a starting point is dissolved into a realised impossibility. A resolute approach to the matter or a more distracted precision generates both what quite obviously is but also what can be said to be done.