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Sky above - Heaven below 

Mikkel Carl

Associations are born like diamonds. With a circular ruler broken somewhere along the line they draw up patterns like a mechanical rodeo bull outside a shopping mall in Houston. Associations are
waste floating in the air, consciously unconscious, in rags of sex, television, and dead gods. They are a borderline case of body and language, the happy prison of escape. Associations tell the future
of what you didn’t know, you already knew.

The exhibition Sky above – Heaven below tries to pinpoint the linguistic structures that turn objects and pictures into signs
and in some sort of diagrams draw up our sensuous dealings
with the world.

Through a more explicit formulation of the concept “association”
the works seeks to present themselves as logic, physically
attractive and recognizable within our historical context.

The body of works creates a kind of ”Cabaret Involontaire”;
a spectrum of assisted ready-mades and assemblages that cuts Modernism like a doll and run beyond Postmodernism on a
bicycle-wheel half loaded.