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Jacob Jessen

With his first solo exhibition at Pladsen, Jacob Jessen transforms the entire exhibition space into a forcefully exponential machine. From sunrise till sunset, the varying intensity of daylight is transferred to a heat-sensitive mirror surface. This transformed light is reflected towards the beholder via the mirror, while it at the same time, in a slow trace-creation, deconstructs the very same reflection.

The beholder sees him- or herself situated at the centre of the process where images are created. The exterior daylight is continuously transformed into an interior art-light which both illuminates and deconstructs images of the space. At the same time, any moment is captured in a total image of the period of time, the day that passed. In this way, time exists as an image and its abstract dimension is encompassed in a tangible space of experience.

Thus, throughout the exhibition, Jacob Jessen creates in a very tangible sense various images of time, a simultaneously common and very personal chronology.